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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Through this web site and our new book, The Songs of Insects, we hope to increase your knowledge of the songs of crickets, katydids and cicadas. We also encourage you to take part in the development of a new aesthetic, where a love for insect songs springs from the heartfelt understanding and joyful appreciation of our native insect musicians and the incredible sounds that they make.

In a culture where knowledge of insect song is pale in comparison to the interest in the songs of birds and frogs, we are determined to bring singing insects into popular focus. We will accomplish this by sharing the resources we've collected and by communicating our passion for these marvelous fiddlers of the forests and fields.

To add to the fun, we have founded The Society for the Appreciation of Insect Songs, so that folks like yourself can join in the fun, support our web site efforts, and receive unique content through periodic e-newsletters and special downloads. We have also launched The Songs of Insects Blog, where the two of us will be sharing personal stories, enlivened by our photographs and field recordings.

By studying the rich content on this site and in our book (as well as in our blog and through Society newsletters), you will learn all the common crickets, katydids, and cicadas of eastern and central North America, when and where to search for them, and how to identify them by their appearance and by their songs. You will also learn the best ways to locate, capture, and keep insects, along with basic techniques for photographing them and recording their songs. Last but not least, you will hone the fine art of insect song appreciation, where the cacophony of confusing insect sounds magically transforms into a delicate concert of creatures dear to the heart.

Thank you!