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The Songs of Insects: Reviews

Juli Wilcox, executive editor of NatureScapes.Net, says, " Curious nature photographers, collectors, bug nuts, macro enthusiasts and very picky sound effects producers would do well to pick up this book for reference. Even children in elementary school will find the photos intriguing. The photos, descriptions of song variations and quality of recordings are simply first-rate." Read Juli's review.

From Sam Droege, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center - "I just received a copy of Lang Elliot and Wil Hershberger's book, ... what a fabulous addition it will be to any local naturalist. ...I think this book should move crickets, katydids, and cicadas into the realm of butterflies and dragonflies. ...The pictures are the best I have seen and the recordings are of the highest quality....this is a book that will greatly change how any of you listen and look at these critters." Read Sam's review.

Charlie's Bird Blog - "...every birder I know loves a good well-illustrated natural history book - and "The Songs of Insects" is not just a good, well-illustrated book, it's an excellent, stunningly illustrated book that deserves space on bookshelves everywhere..." Read Charlie's Review