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– Hear Insect Songs Again –

It is a fact of life, as we age our hearing acuity diminishes. This phenomenon is called presbycusis. By the age of 50, many of us will be unable to hear the highest singing insects, especially the small meadow katydids. And the situation worsens over time.

There is hope. The SongFinder is a digital device that shifts the frequency of insects songs into a lower range, where one's hearing is still normal. Originally developed to help people hear the songs of high-pitched birds, the SongFinder also works splendidly with insect songs.

"Even with my excellent hearing, using the SongFinder helps me locate and observe some of the really high pitched singers with far greater efficiency than without it. The fact that it works in stereo allows me to hear where the singer is located just as if I were hearing it with my own unaided ears. The SongFinder is a wonderful tool for anyone studying the songs of insects." Wil Hershberger

Don't let young people get the upper hand on your next field outing. Visit hearbirdsagain.com for a complete explanation of hearing loss due to aging, along with information about the SongFinder and how it works. And check out these compelling testimonials from folks who once again can appreciate the high-pitched songs of insects and birds.

We know you will love the SongFinder. There is no other instrument like it!

Click this note icon to listen to the normal high-pitched song of a Short-winged Meadow Katydid

Click this note icon for a pitch-lowered version as it will sound through the SongFinder