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Online Guide to Insects Songs
Welcome to our Online Guide to Insect Songs, brought to you to complement our book, The Songs of Insects. Here you will be introduced to the songs of 76 species of crickets, katydids, and cicadas.

This guide is offered completely free to the public. We are financing this effort ourselves. Please support our work by purchasing our book and related products for yourself and for your friends. Visit "Help Support Our Web Site" to learn all the different ways you can be a part of this educational endeavor.

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Singing Insects by Group
Learn singing insects by groups of similar species. From ground crickets and meadow katydids to bush katydids and annual cicadas - a great way to learn!
View a complete list of all 77 species covered in our book. Includes scientific names. Click on the name of any insect and you will be in for a treat!
Learn 20 Common Insect Songs
Confused by all the sounds? Check out our photo gallery of 20 common species. Click on the photos to hear the songs. Learning is as simple as that!
Listen to examples of chirps, trills, ticks, scrapes, shuffles, and buzzes. Learn the "vocabulary" of insect song, so that you can make sense of all the sounds in the chorus.
What's a singing insect? Find information here.
For comprehensive scientific coverage of North American species, be sure to visit Tom Walker's web site:
Singing Insects of North America!

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