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Field Crickets
Northern Spring - Gryllus veletis
Northern Fall - Gryllus pennsylvanicus

Southeastern - Gryllus ruben
Eastern Striped Cricket - Miogryllus saussurei
Japanese burrowing cricket - Velarifictorus macado

Ground Crickets
Allards - Allonemobius allardi
Carolina - Eunemobius carolinus
Confused - Eunemobius confusus
Striped - Allonemobius fasciatus
Sphagnum - Neonemobius palustris
Tinkling - Allonemobius tinnulus

Tree Crickets
Black-horned - Oecanthus nigricornus
Broad-winged - Oecanthus latipennis
Davis - Oecanthus exclamationis
Fast-calling - Oecanthus celerinictus
Four-spotted - Oecanthus quadripunctatus
Narrow-winged - Oecanthus fasciatus
Pine - Oecanthus pini
Snowy - Oecanthus fultoni
Two-spotted - Neoxabea bipunctata

Trigs and Bush Crickets
Jumping Bush Cricket - Orocharis saltator
Columbian Trig - Cyrtoxipha columbiana
Handsome Trig - Phyllopalpus pulchellus
Say's Trig - Anaxipha exigua

Mole Crickets
Northern - Neocurtilla hexadactyla
Southern - Scapteriscus borellii

Meadow Katydids
Saltmarsh - Conocephalus spartinae
Short-winged - Conocephalus brevipennis
Slender - Conocephalus fasciatus
Woodland - Conocephalus nemoralis
Agile - Orchelimum agile
Black-legged - Orchelimum nigripes
Common - Orchelimum vulgare
Gladiator - Orchelimum gladiator
Handsome - Orchelimum pulchellum
Lesser Pine - Orchelimum minor
Long-spurred - Orchelimum silvaticum
Red-headed - Orchelimum erythrocephalum

Conehead Katydids
Broad-tipped - Neoconocephalus retusus
Nebraska - Neoconocephalus nebrascensis
Robust - Neoconocephalus robustus
Slightly Musical - Neoconocephalus exiliscanoris
Sword-bearing - Neonconcephalus ensiger
False Robust - Neonconcephalus bivocatus

True Katydids
Common True - Pterophylla camellifolia

Round-headed Katydids
Clicker Round-winged - Amblycorypha alexanderi
Common Virtuoso - Amblycorypha longinicta
Rattler Round-winged - Amblycorypha rotundifolia
Oblong-winged - Amblycorypha oblongifolia

Greater Anglewing - Microcentrum rhombifolium
Lesser Anglewing - Microcentrum retinerve

Bush Katydids
Broad-winged - Scudderia pistillata
Curve-tailed - Scudderia curvicauda
Fork-tailed - Scudderia furcata
Northern - Scudderia septentrionalis
Texas - Scudderia texensis
Treetop - Scudderia fasciata

Shiedback Katydids
American - Atlanticus americanus
Least - Atlanticus monticola
Protean - Atlanticus testaceous
Robust - Atlanticus gibbosus
Roesel's - Metrioptera roeselii

Grasshoppers (Locusts)
Boll's and Carolina - Spharagamon bolli &
Dissosteria carolina

Marsh Meadow - Chorthippus curtipennis